Blazers For Men: Ultimate Fashion Statement

The Origin of Blazer

For more than a century the blazer has maintained its position as the most definitive indicator of a gentleman's sense of style and fashion. The quality of a man's sense of style can be judged by just how skilfully he wears his blazer. Blazers for men is as essential as a LBD for a lady. They can be worn to look more formal or more casual depending on the occasion. Blazers are still the most reliable option for guys who want to make their mark, regardless of whether they go for a classic black blazer or a more colourful version. But do you know when and how this piece of clothing first entered the realm of fashion? There are roughly two or three accounts that explain how the word "blazer" came into use.

Rowers at Oxford and Cambridge were the first known people to wear blazers while competing on the water. Blazers were meant to keep the rowers warm during the cold winter training sessions. They also served the purpose of helping spectators and judges identify the team easily. Traditionally blazers were designed in a very colourful pattern with stripes.

Rowers quickly began to wear their blazers on dry ground and in and around their institutions, and as a result, rowing blazers became status symbols.

According to Carlson, the first time the word "blazer" appeared in a printed publication was in 1952. The article in question refers to the red jacket worn by the Cambridge's Lady Margaret Boat Club as a "red guernsey or blazer." Because of its brilliant colour, often known as its blaze, it was given the name blazer. The Lady Margaret Boat Club maintains its tradition of wearing the red jackets.

The second tale goes as follows: in the year 1837, a young Queen Victoria paid a visit to a ship in the Royal Navy called the HMS Blazer. The captain of the ship gave the order for his crew to get dressed up for the upcoming royal inspection by having them wear navy blue double-breasted jackets over their striped seamen's sweaters. This was to make them appear more professional.

Guidelines For Proper Blazer Etiquette

When wearing a blazer, one should always adhere to a set of guidelines, regardless of whether the occasion is professional or casual. The art of donning it in the most refined manner is what will elevate a man to the status of a gentleman.

Rule #1 : The classic rule of thumb (literally) dictates that the hem of your jacket should strike about the thumb knuckle, which is the knuckle that is located between the end of your thumb and where the joint joins the palm. This length is considered to be the ideal length for a jacket.

Rule #2 : Know your fabric - Blazers may be stitched out of a variety of fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool, and tweed, among others. Depending on the weather condition and the occasion, select a fabric that is most flattering to you. On a hot summer day, the last thing anyone wants to see is a man dripping with sweat while wearing a wool blazer.

Rule #3 : Build up a collection; relying on a single blazer for every event is a bad idea, period.

The Proper Way to Accessorize Your Blazer

Blazer – Jeans

There is nothing better than a good pair of jeans and a blazer if you want to project an image of being a cool guy or make your presence known in a particular setting. Put on a pair of blue jeans that fit you well and a well-fitting t-shirt. Complete the appearance by donning a blazer made of cotton. You are

now ready to rock and roll.


A woollen blazer for men paired with a light-weight sweater can make him look chic during the cold winter months. This is a tried and true fashion combination. It will not only shield you from the biting winds, but it will also offer you an impressive look.

Blazer-Formal Shirt

 A classic blue blazer is unrivalled when it comes to making a formal statement, and for good reason. Wear it with a formal pant, a well-crafted tie, and a white shirt to complete the look. And now you are ready to rule the world.

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