Essentials for Men’s Summer wardrobe

Subtitle: Sun is shining bright and temperature is rising everyday and summers are officially here. Today, let’s understand what fabric, style, fit and garments are best for summers.

With Summers reaching to its peak, its really hard to dress up for every day’s work and not get drench in pool of sweats. All men, whether they are college goer or office people have the same concern to dressing up perfectly in summers. Summer is a time when don’t feel like even stepping out of the house, just imagine getting up everyday to dress up to their workplaces.

We understand that dressing up in winters and spring is quite easy as you have got those cool jackets, blazers and pullovers to layer up and look perfect for any occasion. But how do you manage to look good in hot scorching and humid weather of June and July without just keep wearing shorts and t-shirts. To make your summers easy, we have listed few tips that will help you to look and feel cool in the summers. You must follow these tips and should include them in your summer wardrobe so that you can beat the heat in style.

Choose right fabric for summers: Before you select what you want to wear in summers to feel comfortable and stylish, the most important thing is to select the right fabric of your garment. The fabric should be breathable, light in colours and should allow flow of air between skin and fabric. Most of us don’t realise that every season has appropriate fabric that goes well with the climatic conditions. Can you ever imagine to wear winter fabric in summer? That’s because fabric has technique to either trap the body heat or allow it flow out. Summer fabrics are light in weight, and absorbs maximum swear and allows the heat to escape while keeping you cool. Some of the most common fabrics for summers are cotton, cotton blend and linen. The majority of summer clothes are made of cotton and cotton blend fabric because these are extremely breathable and escapes maximum body heat.

Choose right colours for summers: Ever wondered why winter clothes are made in dark colours like black, blue, grey, brown and others? Because dark colours absorb and trap heat and that’s how winter clothes make you feel warmer. Summers is all about what colours you choose. If you want to feel comfortable, then choose lighter and brighter colours for your summer wardrobe. Look for soft colours like White, light blue, green, peach and nude in both upper wear and bottoms.

Choose Relaxed Fit: While all of us are fussy about getting that right fit, summer is a time where you can just loosen up yourself a bit without worrying about getting that right fit. Allow your body to breathe and look for garments which are relaxed fit, loose fit, oversize and straight fit. While choosing relaxed fit garment, you should consider proper length of garment. It should be loose but not ill fitted. The garment should allow body to breathe.

Choose comfortable bottoms and uppers: In summers, you should put aside your heavy denim jeans and bring clothes which are more comfortable and allows you stay relaxed in rising temperature. In summers, you can choose to wear cord sets of t-shirt and shorts, round neck t-shirts, polos, cotton joggers, tank tops, vests and boxers. These are must to have in your summer wardrobe. At Tripr India, we make best vest for men which are extremely comfortable wear in peak summers.

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