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Travelling is one of the most essential parts of everyone’s life. Be it short travelling within the city from your house to your workplaces or colleges or could be travelling from one city to another for numerous reasons. But one thing is sure that we all can not avoid travelling. On the one hand, where travelling is very exciting but at the same time travelling can be really difficult also. Considering the different challenges of travelling, we have made a unique product “Travel Jacket” which is a 16 in 1 multi utility jacket which has multiple pockets to keep your different products handy without any worry.  

Travelling for us is about exploring the unexplored, discovering hidden secrets, and enjoying the beauty of nature. We are a bunch of enthusiastic travellers who love hiking, biking, and other adventure sports.

During one such trip, we came to realize that there is no appropriate piece of clothing that is both practical and comfortable. Imagine you are a solo traveller and like to travel light. What will your choice of attire be?

This question inspired us to create a new, unique, and extraordinary product: The Tripr Travel Jacket. Designed thoughtfully, this zip-up Travel Jacket has 16 pockets, like one pocket each to carry a passport, phone, wallet, iPad, or mini tablet: sunglasses, earplugs, a pen, and a charger. It also has a long wallet pocket, a kangaroo pocket, and two warm side pockets. Other features include an earphone holder beside the hood, so you can enjoy convenient walking while using your phone; a smartphone pocket to provide effortless connection between your phone and earphones; a stand drink pocket, an adjustable face and eye masks to help you sleep and keep your face protected; and an interior hand warming pocket.

We launched travel Jacket in October 2022 and within very short span of time we have sold over 300 jackets online. Very soon we will be launching our Travel Jacket in our offline stores also so that customers can touch and feel the real product before buying it.

Some of the key features of our Travel Jacket are:

  • Durable: Made to withstand backpack rubbing and rough handling during long travelling. We have used one of the best quality fabrics to make this jacket which can withstand the wear and tear of daily or long travelling.
  • Light-Weight: This will become your new travel BFF owing to its light weight while keeping you most comfortable. This jacket can easily be folded into small pouch and can be kept inside your pocket. That’s how we have engineered this travel jacket keeping your convenience at number one priority.
  • 16 Pockets: It has 16 pockets, like one pocket each to carry a passport, phone, wallet, iPad, or mini tablet: sunglasses, earplugs, a pen, charger and much more stuff. It has some inside pockets also where you can keep your valuable stuff like passport, wallet, phone or charger.
  • 100% Cotton 320 GSM Fabric: Our Travel Jacket is made of 100% Cotton 320 GSM Fabric that absorbs sweat and moisture and keep the body warmth intact while travelling for long hours. All these features make this Travel Jacket one of the best travel accessories you can find today.

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