Shorts-Most Comfortable & Stylish Apparel for Boys

Subtitle: Shorts are the most comfortable and stylish piece of clothing for boys and girls. You should choose clothes for your kids considering different style, comfort, size and the ones which your child likes the most.

Summers and spring is a season of lot of outdoor activities, sports, games, adventure trips and casual get together for the whole family. For all these activities, shorts are ideal to wear on daily basis because of the comfort factor. A trendy pair of shorts is a must addition to your kid’s clothing collection. For boys, shorts are a perfect piece of clothing so that your child can stay comfortable and active throughout the day. Now days, shorts are not confined just to wear inside the house. Shorts are so versatile that you can pair them with nice t-shirts, tank tops and vest and walk in style.

While buying boys shorts online, it is important to consider few things so that your kids will like it at the first instance and you don’t go wrong about styling them. Here are few tips that will help you to buy just the perfect shorts for your kids:

  • Knitted Cotton Shorts: These shorts are super comfortable. Cotton fabric absorbs maximum sweat and thus these are ideal for any outdoor activity like games and plays.
  • Cargo Shorts: These shorts are perfect to be worn on casual outings like family lunches, birthday parties or even going for shopping with family. Cargo shorts are mostly structured in solid colours like dark green, grey, black or brown. Dark solid colours can be easily paired with any t-shirt.
  • Denim Shorts: These shorts are great for outings. Denim clothes are forever and are liked by kids in all age group. You can choose from colours like white, shades of blue and shades of black. These can be paired nicely with designer t-shirts of bright and bold colours.
  • Sports Wear shorts- These shorts are meant specifically for different types of sports and outdoor plays. During play, kids need maximum comfort and stretch ability so that they can play freely and can focus on their game. Its important that you should buy shorts which are made for different sports using the quality of fabric required. To pair these shorts, opt for active wear t-shirts which are again made especially for games and sports.
  • Bermuda shorts: These shorts are commonly known as dress shorts and are good choice as a semi casual wear. These shorts are made of cotton twill fabric which gives them stiff finishing but comfortable feel at the same time. Crafted in cool colours for summers and spring, your child will look stylish and feel refreshed in them.

At Tripr India, we have an exciting collection of shorts for boys. Our shorts are crafted using the light-weight cotton blend fabric which is super soft on the skin and also provides extra stretch to the garment and thus making it best to wear while playing or doing any outdoor activity. Owing to the perfect fit and comfortable fabric, your child can wear these shorts with ease at home, play dates or even go out for friend’s birthday party. These shorts are made using the best quality elastic on the waist band which provides good grip around the waist. Also, comes with a drawstring at waist to ensure good fit irrespective of different body types. We also provide pockets on both sides where your child can keep small belongings like keys, toffee or others.

Available in numerous designs and patterns, we have abstract prints, stripes, solids, colour blocked patterns, graphic designs, character designs and many more. We provide these shorts for kids in different age groups so that child in any age can buy these stylish and comfortable bottom wear. You can style these shorts with t-shirts, vests and tank tops. Our boys shorts look super stylish when paired with Tripr India t-shirts. To buy our unique collection of boys shorts online, visit our official website and get kid’s clothing at most competitive prices.

Apart from shorts, we have a wide collection of other garments for boys like t-shirts, tanktops, track pants, sweatshirts and jackets. Our entire range of clothes is made using the premium quality fabric that ensures maximum comfort, less maintenance and long lasting wear.

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