Styling Tips for Kids Jackets & Sweatshirts

Subtitle: Winters are coming and temperature has started going down. As a parent, your first worry is to keep your child protected against the harsh winters. While there are many winter clothes available, you should choose clothes which are comfortable, stylish and keep your child warm and protected.

With winters approaching, your hunt for warmer clothes will start soon. As the temperature will start going down, you want to keep your child warm and cozy and yet feel comfortable and stylish. A big problem with winter clothes is that they are heavy and if you are layering up your child with too many clothes, it will restrict their movements. So, when buying winter clothes for your kids, you should always keep in mind that the winter wear should protect the little one and also allows them movements. Instead of opting for heavy knitted sweaters, parents like to opt for light weight and stylish sweatshirts and casual jackets. Not only these options are easy to wear but also they come in plethora of designs and patterns and kids love them too. Kid’s jackets and sweatshirts are great for winter wear for kids.

Other than sweatshirts and jacket, there are other options also like light weight hoodies and warm track suits. So, now you have many options and you should have all of them in your kid’s winter collection. Gone are the days, kids have to wear heavy woolen sweaters and thick jackets. Now kids also like to wear stylish, trendy and cute winter clothes which are not only looking but also keep them comfortable and warm both. These winter garments come in plain solid colours, animal prints, colour block patterns, graphic designs, abstract prints and a lot more. Not only designs, there are several patterns also like zippers, hoodies, buttoned, pullover shirts and a lot more. At Tripr India, we have all the designs and styles. You name it and we have it. You can buy kids jacket online at our website at sale prices.  

For kids, there is variety of options available in jackets and sweatshirts. You can choose from woolen jackets, denim jackets, puffer jackets, windcheaters, half and full jackets and many more. In sweatshirts, you can choose from cotton fabric sweatshirts, warm sweatshirts which are made with thick fabric. Choose zipper or buttoned or pullover whichever you child loves the most.  Another important thing that the parents should keep in mind while buying a winter wear is buy a jacket or a pullover or a sweater one size larger than your kid’s shirt size. Why it is important because it is easier to make it layer over a shirt or a t-shirt and you child will also feel comfortable all day long. Also, the lighter the garment, the more comfortable your child will feel. Comfort is the most important thing while buying any cloth for your kid. A heavy or thick winter wear can make your kid cranky and restrict their movements. Kids play all the time and if their clothes are not comfortable they can have hard time at play. So, always remember to buy light weight and comfortable clothes. Last but not the least, if you kid is small, then you should always buy pullover pattern or buttoned pattern because it is easy to put on and they can’t take it off on their own. If the child is little grown up, then zipper and buttoned both are good options as they wear it and take it out on their own.

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