Why Cotton-Blend Fabric is Ideal for Kid’s Clothing

There is no doubt that cotton is the best fabric to create kid’s clothes. We all are super careful while buying anything for our kids and clothes are definitely one of the major aspects of their everyday life. Knitted cotton-blend fabric is soft and comfortable and keep their skin free from allergies caused by sweat. It’s best to buy cotton fabric for your kids for all weathers and seasons. 

Cotton is considered to be the best material for baby clothes for everyday use. It comes along with the benefits that we must consider. And we purchase the best baby products to ensure the safety and security for our babies. There are several reasons you should choose cotton dress for babies. In this blog, we are going to look at the important features of cotton baby clothes.

According to research, cotton fabrics are the most suitable for human skin. They are breathable and durable too. In knitted cotton fabrics, the cotton threads are knitted, not woven. This gives the fabric its durability, stretchability and flexibility. For versatile all-season wear, t-shirts with GSM 160-200 are considered the best. Cotton is the best fabric to be used in making kid’s clothes for everyday use. At Tripr, we manufacture in-house knitted cotton blend fabric which is used to create t-shirts with a GSM of 170-200. They are meant to provide great comfort and are absolutely safe for kids to wear all day long. They provide an easy-to-use and maintain option because they can be both machine and hand-washed. Suitable for all weather, 170-200 GSM knitted cotton t-shirts are perfect for all-weather wear. We have made a lot of noise in both the online and offline markets by using the best-knitted cotton blend fabric that is good for skin and health of kids.

Not only fabric, we take care of every detail in the entire manufacturing process that includes seamless stitching, proper fitting, proper dyeing of the fabric so that colour doesn’t fade easily and durability. We have installed one of the latest woven technology-based machines in our manufacturing unit along with direct control over entire process so as to ensure high quality standards of our clothes. In recent years, we have sold 3.1 million pieces of garment nationwide with our presence on 10+ marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho etc. and 7 flagship Retail Stores in Tamil Nadu.

We have carved a niche in the kid’s fashion segment by offering the best quality and trendy clothes that satisfy our customers and have turned them into loyal fans. We want to offer best deals to our customers so that they get the best product at best prices. Keeping this in mind, we have created combo offers which includes kids t-shirt combos, vest combos, short combos, shirt combos, and trackpant combos. If you buy these combo packs, it helps you to save good amount on your overall shopping and also saves a lot of hassle of selecting each item separately. We run offers all around the year across all product lines so that our customers can save big and enjoy best of shopping experience.

Being into garment business, we know that our clothes should reflect reflection our dedication and commitment to the customers. It takes a lot of hard work to become a leading fashion brand in this age of cut throat competition. It’s been 6 years that we are operating in the Indian market and in these 6 years we have launched 10 men’s wear product lines and 6 product lines for boys. Over 9k loyal customers are visiting our website on daily basis and that means a lot to us. Everyone wants their brand to become an overnight sensation, but it is important to remember that becoming a niche leader takes time and perseverance. Honesty is certainly one of the most basic business policies that we uphold. With honesty, we are marching towards our goal. Dedication is the most important virtue, as it helps us to improve and improvise at every step. At Tripr, we are dedicated to creating authentic designs with fabric that is best suited for human skin. It is the passion that helps us to pursue our dreams and create magic in the fashion sector. It motivates us to rise and go to work. At Tripr, we not only bring affordable fashion to everyone but also work towards sustainable fashion.

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