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Shorts are stylish and comfortable both, and as the name suggests, ‘Shorts’ they are the shortened version of long pants. Shorts are a garment, under the classification of bottom wear which covers the upper part of the legs and in some versions of it are extended down to the knees. For people who look for comfortable wear, but do not want to compromise on trends and style, shorts offer them perfect choices. At Tripr we totally understand the changing scenario of fashion stream hence aim to design shorts that are super chic and stylish. We offer you with best deals in Cheap Men’s Shorts online thus giving you effortless options of staying high-on fashion and trends.

Journey from immature to super stylish

The prevalent thought adopted about shorts in yesteryears was, that it was strictly reserved for use by young boys and not grown men as it somehow reflects immaturity. But shorts owe much of their popularity to the military in becoming a part of menswear. As per the earliest written records found, the modern day shorts earned their place as men’s wear because at a time it was the uniform of highly respected Gurkha soldiers who fought against East India Company (British forces), and they use to wear khaki shorts to keep them cooler while serving in the tropical climate. Later in 20th century, companies began marketing a shorter version of knee pants as athletic wear. And today people all across the world wear shorts for all kind of exercises and sports activities. Most of the people have a pair in their closet when the weather heats up, it can be termed as the evening style statement.

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