About Tripr:

  • Triprindia.com is the online brand venture of renowned Tirupur based Garment manufacturers - Chakra Production. Started in 1992, we are the leading manufacturers of Apparel products in Tirupur. Our products ranges from Men’s clothing (Tshirts, POLOs, Shirts, Vests, Briefs, etc) to Women’s Clothing (Leggings, Tops, etc). Kids section is something which we have freshly introduced in recent days and it has got huge interest from our customers.
  • Our Services cater to various unique requirements starting from custom designed wholesale orders to client designed printed retail orders. Requirements like branded merchandise for your company or organization will be approached with great care and quality merchandise will be delivered on time.
  • Our quality speaks about our success. Export quality merchandise delivered to all retail customers without compromising the price and quantity. This made us to stand apart among the huge competition that exists in the city.

The Tripr Advantage

Why should I chose Tripr t shirts when I have plenty of online and retail brands available in the market? What makes my Tripr tee unique out of other brands in the market? These are some of the common queries that pops out of your mind when you come across any fashion site in recent days. To answer this, we have to explain a little bit on The Tripr Advantage.

The Tripr Advantage - First and foremost point here is, all our Tripr t shirts are manufactured in house. There is no business of getting it from manufactures and just branding it as Tripr. In house production means the entire process which includes choosing the high quality best available combed 30's count yarn, fabricating it to cloth with 28 gauge imported knitting machines, dyeing with premium quality bio wash dyes, compacting, cutting and sewing with textile expertise and packing it elegantly. This gives you 100% trust over Tripr's in-house manufacturing advantage.

Unique Styles and Color Combinations - Either a very simple divergence or let it be a complex cut and sew pattern, all our Tripr t shirts come with a unique style never seen before in any other brand. No copycat strategies followed in any of our styles and processes. 

Competitive Prices - Tripr t shirts are priced on par with its rivals online and you could the best quality stylish trends without slimming your wallet much. 

Eye Popping offers - Customers are our first priority and we are always loyal towards you. We run regular promotions for our loyal customers with cashback and deep discounts. New customers would also get slew of eye popping offers for their first purchase.

What are you waiting for??? still not convinced...no probs...Try out our merchandise and if you are not satisfied, you can always place a return request with valid reason and get your money back*.

  • Drop in your contact details along with your brand logo and design requirements. We will do the rest. Sit back and relax.