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Kids fashion is changing at the same speed with which kids grow. And today’s kids are way more cautious about their choices of clothes and other fashion accessories. They grow up really fast but they care so much about what they are wearing and more updated on latest fashion trends than their parents. We bet on it. With a wide range of choices available, it becomes really tough for parents to decide what to buy for different occasions and for daily wear. Today, in this write we would like to offer a guide that will certainly help parents to make better and easy choices for their kids.

Kids like to dress up in their favourite outfit always and for all occasions. This becomes a real headache for parents to make them try something else or something different and thus you need hell lot of choices. Let’s talk about different outfit choices for boys for different weather and events like parties, weddings etc. The first rule before you look for any dress or outfit is that it should be comfortable to wear by your child. This is because they are always doing some or the other physical activities and running all the time and this why they need to feel absolute comfortable in their outfit. Like sweatshirts for kids is such a comfortable and high fashion dress that they love to wear it all the time during winters.

Buying clothes for daily wear is lot more easier than buying for any special event or party. This is because you do not need to be more particular about the style and high fashion, rather your focus is more on comfort, good fabric, bright colour and pocket friendly prices. For daily wear in summers for boys, cotton t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, vests, tunics and dangree will be the best option to buy. Cotton is the best fabric to wear in summers as it absorbs sweat and is skin friendly and do not allow rashes to happen. For winter daily wear, clothes like sweatshirts, joggers, trackpants, tracksuits, cord sets and pullovers are most comfortable and stylish. These clothes keep the body warm and protect it from cold winds.

If your little one is going to attend a birthday party, then the best outfit can be a printed half sleeves shirt with denim in summers and a nice jacket paired with sweatshirt and a denim in winters. You can also try a coat instead of a jacket in winters and that will also look really stylish and will keep your child warm at the same time.

Parents face a lot of challenge in finding the right dress or outfit for their boys when it comes to a wedding or any festive occasion. This is because most of the time, fashion and comfort don’t fit in the same dress and that becomes really tricky for them. Unless it a brand like us, who’s first priority is to design an outfit which is both comfortable and stylish for kids. At Tripr, we are continuously engaged in innovating the design, and offering best quality garments to our customers so that we can offer complete customer satisfaction. Quality, Innovation and Customer satisfaction are three pillars of our success mantra that has made us one of the thriving online fashion brands in India in last 5 years. Each year, we have raised the bar for ourselves and we will continue to work with same passion and commitment because we just simply love to be number one choice of our customers.

This is the perfect time to refresh your kid’s fashion game with our wide collection of kid’s wear. Whether you are looking for everyday essentials or want to dress up your child for any special occasion or party, we have everything for boys. Our in-house team of designers have carefully curated the kid’s fashion range which is high on fashion and is premium in quality. From polo t-shirts to mandarin collars, and from casual jackets to puffer jackets, you will find everything for all seasons. There is no reason that can stop you from browsing through our website and make your shopping.

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