Level Up your Jacket Styling

Styling and fashion ideas for men have always been limited as compared to women. But things have changed in last 2 decades. As overall fashion industry has evolved very rapidly in last 20 years, it has changed the game for men’s fashion.

When it comes to styling, Jackets can be done quiet interestingly. Jackets are liked by men in all age groups. With fashion evolving every day, there is a wide variety of jackets in terms of styles, colours and material which can be worn in different seasons and on different occasions. From example, leather and warm jackets are for winters and light jackets can be worn perfectly during spring and light summers. However, finding the right one as per your own personality and body type can be a hard task.

If you are looking to find ways on how to improve your jacket styling then stay with us, as we will tell you about different styles of jackets and how to get your looks right.

  • Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are wardrobe stable. Irrespective of gender, everyone should have one. The reason being, these jackets are so comfy and casual and you can pair them with anything from solid colours to bright and bold t-shirts and torn jeans and you are just ready to go. Available in multiple designs, colour shades, patchworks and studs, you can style it in numerous ways.

  • Leather Jackets

How can we not talk about the iconic Leather Jackets? A complete century has gone by, but these stand still like immortal for men’s fashion. Not having one is a sin! Aviators and military people were the first who started wearing brown leather flight jackets in early 1900s. This garment got huge popularity during Second World War. Leather jackets are a phenomenon in itself and men or women in any age or any part of the world can’t just get enough of it.

  • Light –Weight Summer Jackets

Usually jackets are associated with winter season. But now we have options of causal jackets for men which are ideal for spring and light summers. These are light in weight and available in bright and bold prints to suit the weather. These can be paired with dark and light coloured denims and casual cotton t-shirts. Make sure to include them in your summer essentials.  

Now that you know that you can level up your fashion game with these styling tips, rush to our online store and grab a few jackets and try something trendy today. level up your fashion game

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