Welcome Summers with a Splash of Colourful Clothes!

Hot, sunny, summery days are already here! Summers knocked on early this year, while we were still prepping for our wardrobe collection. Following fashion trends for your own self can still be easy but doing the same for kids can be a hands-on-task for most of us. Kid’s fashion changes very fast and keeping a tap on it can be really difficult. Gone are the days when fashion was only confined to adults.  Now kid’s clothing segment is equally important in Indian markets.

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So what’s trending this summer for kids?

While you may wait for us to update you on summer trends, what if we tell you not to follow any trend, instead make a splash of colorful clothing collection to your kid's wardrobe. Dress up your little ones for sunshine filled days with bright, bold and colourful outfits perfect for play dates, evening gatherings and beyond.

Kid’s clothing should be more about colours and vibrance and beautiful patterns which can reflect their personalities in a shiner way. Sometimes we should choose that enhances the looks of our baby than going with the trends. Bring different colour combination in your kid’s wardrobe and you will be surprised how that will add extra charm to their style.

A lot of us are still stuck in gender stereo types while choosing colours for our kids. Blue for Boys and Pink for Girls! Isn’t? When we maintain some specific set of colours for our child, it not limits our fashion choices but also has huge impact on child’s upbringing. It is like labeling our kid’s basis their gender. Why would we want to do that? So, it makes it all the more important to have all the colours in your closet than ever before.

Tripr India has a huge collection of kid’s t-shirts, shorts, boys tank tops, sweatshirts, vests and more to give a fresh look to your boys and girls this summer. Grab our new summer arrivals which are made using the best quality cotton fabric that makes them ultra comfortable for day long wear. While designing our clothes for kids, we make sure that they not only look gorgeous, but also are comfortable for days spent playing with friends. Our exclusive prints and designs are a must have for this summer’s that too at surprisingly affordable prices.

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