Sweatshirts Styling for Men

A sweatshirt is a full sleeved pullover shirt meant perfectly for casual and comfortable wear. This garment has gained a lot of popularity in last two decades and is liked by men and women in all ages and genres.

What is a Sweatshirt?

Sweatshirt is a full-sleeved pullover shirt with or without hood made of thick cotton fabric. Sweatshirt is a casual, comfy and fashioned outfit for day long wear. Thick cotton fabric makes it suitable to wear in springs and light winters. One can also wear it under sweater or jacket during proper winter weather.  

Purpose of Sweatshirt

Originally, sweatshirts for men were designed as a comfortable active wear for athletes and sports people. Sweatshirts were worn as an upper with shorts or a track pant and used to keep the body temperature at bay during training sessions and workouts. But not anymore, sweatshirts are now worn as one of the most stylish outfits by men in colleges, casual outing with friends and even in offices. 

How is Sweatshirt different from a sweater?

Often people are confused between a sweatshirt and a sweater. Today, in this article, let’s understand the difference between the two.

As we learnt above already, a sweatshirt is a long-sleeved pullover shirt without any collar. It is made using thick cotton fabric which acts as an absorbent material to absorb sweat. It has elastic cuffs at end of the sleeves and at the waist line. Sweat shirts are designed using the heavy and thick cotton fabric and are worn by athletes during their athletic activities and regulate their body temperature. Thick cotton fabric absorbs the sweat and cools down the body of the wearer slowly after any physical activity. It is no doubt an athlete’s wear as it helps during their workout sessions.

Whereas on the other hand, a sweater is a woven or knitted or crocheted pullover or a jacket made of wool or different types of yarns. Sweaters can be light or heavy depending upon the kind of yarn or wool used in knitting. Sweaters are mostly worn in light and peak winters and can be made in different styles like a cardigan, zippers, pullover, high-neck or a turtle-neck. Earlier there used to be hand-knitted sweaters but with the help of latest technology, now these can be knitted with machines. Now we have unlimited varieties and designs available in sweaters.  

Trending Sweatshirt ideas for men

Sweatshirts are liked so much by men everywhere that you will see a lot of celebrities donning the stylish look so perfectly. Ranging from solid colours to cool prints, tie&dye and oversized hoodies, there is variety of options that you would like to try for yourself. This outfit has evolved from being a basic full-sleeves pullover shirt to a full swing stylish outfit for men across the globe. If you want to create a collection, start with relaxed-fit solid colour sweatshirts which can be paired easily with your favourite denims and chinos. Solid colour sweatshirts also go really nice with solid colour joggers and track pants. We have even seen celebrities donning it casually with relaxed-fit shorts. Also try cool prints like typography texts, animal prints and bold statements as they look really adventurous and enhance your personality.

You can also wear them in layers. Try it with jackets or with a blazer if the weather is cold and demands multiple layering. Tie-dye is quiet popular now a days. You will find a lot of options where you have a complete set of sweatshirt and a matching jogger pant. That’s the most in-thing for men’s fashion. Mostly, sweatshirts come in hoodies as it accentuates its look and feel. Hoodies sweatshirts look really nice with jackets and knitted blazers.

Sweatshirts are the most versatile piece of garment for men and is a staple to be must added to their wardrobe collection. At Tripr India, we have an exclusive range of sweatshirts for men which are designed as per the latest trends and styles. You will be amazed to see the variety of designs and patterns that used by our team of designers to create such unique pieces of garments for your day-to-day wear.  Visit our official website or our flagship stores in Chennia, Erode, Coimbatore and Tirupur to shop the latest collection of men’s garments.

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