T Shirt Transfer Printing Method

Transfer Printing is the inexpensive method to make a bulk T Shirt order within our budget. The Basic method of the Transfer Printing is to transfer an image from the one surface to the other surface. Transfer Printing is the permanent solution to provide last longer T Shirt designs. Firstly, this printing method used to add details in the ceramics and lately this process evolved in the garment designs. The T Shirt's designs can be applied to the T Shirt layer from the other type of garment. We can easily classify this type printing method from the other types of T Shirt printing method. Because, the Transfer Printing needs to heat to apply the designs in the garments permanently. In India Branded T Shirts Wholesale In Chennai dealers delivers the best Quality T Shirt materials to their user by applying the heat transfer printing method.

Pros of Transfer printing method

  • This method can be used to print complex designs and high quality garment materials.
  • It is the best printing process for full color printing method.

Cons of Transfer printing method

  • The heat transfer printing process is a little bit slower than the other process.

  • It also has some limitations based on the fabric materials need to be printed.

  • Sometimes the sensitive clothing materials can't be used in the high temperature.

  • The heat transfer printing process has some restrictions the darker shades can't to be designed by using transfer printing process.

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