5 Best Ways To Style A Polo T-Shirt For Men

The polo t-shirt has always remained a timeless piece of fashion for men. Depending on the occasion, a Polo t-shirt for men can be styled to look formal, semi-formal, or casual. As the saying goes, "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". In the case of a Polo t-shirt, the essence of this t-shirt lies in the personality of the man who wears it. And so before we dive into some amazing ways of styling a Polo t-shirt for men, let's have a look into its history.

 In the early days of tennis, men wore full-sleeved shirts while on the grass. Wearing such a piece of clothing while playing tennis restricted the movement of the players. It was René Lacoste who then created his own ideal tennis shirt. The Rene Lacoste design was made out of breathable cotton with buttons that went all the way down for a placket of three up top. It was comfortable and gave the players great freedom of movement. Very soon, Lacoste’s design was adopted by other players. The Polo shirt since then has moved from one designer to another who worked on refining it to its current stage. Nevertheless, the Polo t-shirt has always remained an essential in a man’s wardrobe and will never go out of style.

The versatility of a Polo t-shirt lies in the fact that it can give both a formal and a casual look. It all depends on how you style it. So, here are 5 amazing ways in which you can style your Polo t-shirt. 

For a long drive : Cool, Casual and Comfy

The exceptional comfort and fit of Polo t-shirts have earned them a widespread reputation. And what else do you need when you are hanging out with your buddies and cruising down the highway? Put on a Polo T-shirt if you are going on a long drive or are on your way to a beach vacation. And if you want your trip to be comfortable and your selfies to be picture-perfect, you should wear a Polo T-shirt. Choose a Polo T-shirt for men in a pastel colour and put it with a solid pair of shorts to create a classic look. This will give you a hip, casual, laid-back look.

For a game of golf : Style it like a pro

When we think of Polo t-shirts, we think of sports. A Polo shirt can give the impression that you are an expert in any sport, from the more casual game of lawn tennis to the more serious game of golf. If you are going to play a turf game like tennis, all you need is a white Polo t-shirt and white shorts to get an adrenaline rush. Pair your Polo t-shirt with a pair of pants that have a more formal appearance if you are going for a sport like golf or racing. This will not only give you the appearance of a seasoned professional on the field, but it will also provide you with sufficient comfort and room to stretch out.

For a night out with friends : For a laid-back, chill look

If a wild night out with the boys’ gang is in your plans, a Polo t-shirt for men should be your top pick to wear. Simply match it with a pair of casual pants, like chinos, and you'll be good to go. Mind you, there is no need to go subtle here. You can go all out with bold and bright colours. After all, you are going to make a fashion statement with your sense of style. Don’t forget to put on a pair of casual shoes or sneakers to go with it.

For an office party : To make a strong statement

Styling a Polo t-shirt for an office party or event can be a tricky one. But don’t worry. We have got your back. If you want to make a lasting impression on your colleagues or even your boss outside of the office, wear a bold, solid Polo t-shirt with well-fitted jeans. This combination is sure to do the trick. You should also throw in a well-fitting blazer or a jacket as well. This will give you a semi-formal look while still maintaining class.

 For a date with your girl : To make the best first impression

 If you are out on a date and want to impress the lady but don’t want to look too formal, then wearing a Polo t-shirt with a pair of denim will work like magic. A printed Polo t-shirt with a large logo can make a lasting first impression. Make sure to wear a clean pair of jeans and don’t forget to have a well-groomed look too. All that matters is how you handle your personality.

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