Track Pants For Men: A Quick Guide

The introduction of men's track pants into mainstream fashion has reshaped the men's apparel industry. You may dress it up or down to achieve a different look, be it casual or an athletic vibe. Track pants for men are available in a wide range of fabrics, patterns, and designs to meet the needs of men of all ages and lifestyles. Let's take a look at the various ways that track pants can be worn to get a laid-back yet fashionable appearance.

Difference between track pants, joggers and sweat pants.

Before we jump into styling track pants, let's have a look at the similarities and differences between track pants, joggers, and sweatpants.

Track pants were made to be used for athletic purposes. Track pants have a tapered leg and a drawstring waist. They are usually made from polyester material to give them a smooth and soft feel. Polyester is also wrinkle-free and quick to absorb sweat. And that is the reason polyester track pants are usually preferred during any kind of sports activity.

What sets joggers apart from track pants and sweat pants is their cut and design. The tops are loose and the bottoms are tight. The elastic cuff near the ankles can be expanded for extra room and comfort while working out. Cotton, fleece, and polyester are the fabrics used to make these pants. The joggers are the perfect pants for early morning runs and walks.

Sweat pants are more commonly worn throughout the winter. Sweat pants are ideal for working out in the cold since they allow for a full range of motion while still keeping you warm. The elasticized drawstring waistband gives the freedom to fit according to comfort. Made from heavy-weight cotton fabric, sweatpants are good when one wants to just sit on a couch and relax. 

When to wear track pants

Now that we know the difference between track pants, joggers and sweat pants, let's have a look at when one should or can wear a track pant.  Despite their athletic roots, today's versions of these pants can be dressed up for any number of events. A pair of track pants for men is an extremely versatile piece of clothing that can be worn everywhere from a laid-back social event to a jog or on a road trip. You just need to pair it with the right t-shirt, sweater, or jacket and you are good to go from a relaxed look or a party look. A simple track pant can be made to look stunning with the right accessories such as shoes, jackets, and hats. Let's have a look at different ways you can style a track pant.

What to wear with track pants 

T-shirt and track pants : Perfect casual look

Track pants and t-shirts are a classic combination. To give a casual and cool look, choose a well-fitting t-shirt. A plain t-shirt goes well with a printed track pant, and a printed t-shirt is a good combination with a plain track pant. Keep it simple and fresh.

 Sweat shirt and track pant: For an athletic look

On a cold winter morning when you want to be on the track looking fashionable, nothing is better than a sweat shirt and track pant. This can also be your go-to look for a casual party or just an evening stroll in the park as wel.

 Track jacket and track pants: For a sporty look

 There cannot be a better combination than a track jacket and a track pant for men to give a sporty look. Whether you are actually on the field doing physical workouts or just want to roam around the city with a sporty look, you can never go wrong with a pair of track jacket and track pant. 

Hoodie and track pant: For extra swag

 A hoodie with track pants can immediately transform you from a gentleman to a hipster look. But it is essential to have the right combination, or else one might look like a rough teenager lost in the world. So to get a perfect swag with rap singer look, pair a bright hoodie with a dark track pant and you are ready to rock the world.

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