Best Outfits Ideas for kid’s Playtime

Subtitle What was your fondest memory while growing up? I am sure, playtime was the best time as we all can remember as the best times of our childhood. There is no doubt that kids love their playtime and they won’t trade it for anything. Literally anything! They are ready to accept terms or do anything just to get those extra time at play.

Playing is so very important for their physical, emotional and mental development. Kids of this generation has a hard time as they are exposed more to smart phones, video games and smart TV’s than real time playing on the field. And that’s the reason that even parents don’t mind send their kids to play than seeing them glued to gadgets. Parents now a days even send their kids to specific sports classes so that they more and more time while playing outside on the ground.

As mush as the physical activity is important for your kids, right kind of clothes are equally important so that they feel comfortable and enjoy their selves fully. As a parent, you have to be really careful while dressing up your kids when they are going out to play. Remembering just a generation back, when growing up, parents didn’t give much emphasis on the clothes that kids used to wear for playtime. But things have changed now. Parents of this generation are very active and concerned and they ensure that their kid’s clothes are well fitted and comfortable so that they feel their best and enjoy fully.

We have jotted down some cool and comfortable clothes for both boys and girls which are not only comfortable to wear but are also stylish at the same time.

  1. Joggers and Track Pants: These are loved by kids from small to big ones. Joggers and trackpants are made of smooth and stretchable fabric which helps them to run, walk and twist their body as much as they want. Also, ideal to wear when kids playing outside as it keeps their legs covered keeping them safe from dust and insect bites. While choosing a track pant or a jogger for your child, go for darker shades as they end up staining their clothes and it can be really hard for you as a parent to clean it. T-shirt or a sweatshirt depending on the weather will look absolutely stylish with it.
  2. Shorts: If it’s summers, Shorts are the best companion of your child. Kids of all age feel carefree and comfortable in shorts. Now a days, you will find a lot of designs and styles in shorts like denim shorts, cotton shorts, burmuda shorts, sports shorts and many more. You can pick one from every style and dress your child according to the occasion. Shorts are not only good for playtime, but your child can wear them all day long while at home or going for tution classes or even going out for market.
  3. Denims and Jeans: You will not find a single child who doesn’t like to dress up in jeans or denims. While choosing a jeans for playtime, you should go for loose baggies which have elastic waist band and also has elastic cuffs at the ankles. These baggies looks more like joggers but are made in denim fabric and gives a look of jeans only. Very stylish and very comfortable that your child would love to wear them for playtime.
  4. T-shirts And Sweatshirts: So far, we have only talked about bottoms, lets get a hand of some upper outfit ideas as well. For upper, T-shirts and sweatshirts are just the most stylish and comfortable piece of clothing for kids. Depending upon the weather you can dress up your child with most beautiful and vibrant t-shirts and sweatshirts. If the weather is little cold, then layer up your child with jackets.

So, now as you know about the most comfortable piece of clothes for child, it’s time that you should start filling your kid’s wardrobe with them. Buy kid’s jacket online at Tripr India and you can also explore other options like T-shirts, Joggers, Track pants, Vests, Tank Tops, Shorts and Shirts.

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