Summer Fashion-Dressing Ideas for Little Boys

Subtitle: There is so much happening in the summers which means that you need to fill your child’s wardrobe with a nice collection of summer clothes. Summer clothes should be easy-breezy that allows kids to enjoy, look stylish and stay comfortable at the same time.

Summer time means playtime for kids. Everybody loves summers because it is the time when you are out all the time and enjoying lot of outdoor activities. It is also a cool time when we don’t need to layer up ourselves with many clothes. It is also the time for summer vacations which calls for camps in the school, work shops like pottery or art classes and even playing indoor games all day long. Not only this, summers are the only time when families go out for travelling meeting relatives or some hill stations.

Best Summer outfits for Boys

T-Shirts: T-shirts are staple for boys of any age. It is the most comfortable piece of clothing for your boy child in summers. Prefer cotton t-shirts in light and bright shades so that it absorbs less heat, absorbs sweat and keeps your kid’s feel dry and not drenching in sweat. V-Neck and round neck t-shirts are the best for summers especially if the kids are travelling or out for playtime.

Shorts: If your child doesn’t like to dress so much then shorts are just the best. Easy-peasy, airy and comfortable, kids can enjoy as much as they can while being just care free and without any discomfort. Again, cotton shorts are perfect for this weather as it is breathable and also absorbs sweat. You can buy boys shorts online from Tripr India.

Tank Tops & Vests: If you are child is playing inside the house with neighbour friends, then vests and tank tops are the best to wear while staying inside. It gives maximum comfort to the child and there is no worry of getting skin rashes or prickly because of the heat. These clothes come in variety of designs and prints in vibrant colours which looks so cool and stylish. These are also a good substitute of boring white sandos.

Boxers: Again, if the child is playing inside the house, you can pair tank tops and vests with cotton boxers. Boxers come only in cotton fabric and much more comfortable than shorts. The overall structure of boxer is little wider at the bottom and it has elastic waist band which you can choose as per your child’s waist.

Crocs and Sandals: For summer playtime, make your child wear crocs or sandals instead of shoes all the time. Because they are playing and sweating all the time, their feet need to breathe properly and wearing shoes all the time can hamper it. Slippers can be more vulnerable while playing out as your child can hurt his or her feet. Crocs and sandals are best as it protects the feet while allowing feet to breathe and stay dry.

Creating summer wardrobe for your child isn’t that a difficult task. The only thing that you should be careful about is that clothes you choose should be made of summer-friendly fabric and should be smooth to the skin. Pick light and pastel colours as they absorb less heat and keeps body cool. At Tripr India, we have a fabulous collection of boy’s wear where you can find shorts, t-shirts, joggers, track pants, tank tops, sweatshirts, vests and shirts. As we know that how much a quality fabric means in making a right garment especially for your child, we ensure to use premium quality fabric in the production. Prints and designs that you will not find anywhere online. We also ensure that our customers have smooth online shopping experience. You can buy directly from our website and pay through net banking or you can also opt for cash on delivery. You will get what you have seen on the website, stull if you do not like what you get you can always replace within 15 days of receiving it. We ensure full refund to our customer. We make sure that our customers are fully satisfied with their buying experience.

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