Blazers -The Winning Outfit For Every Man

When it comes to formal fashion, choices are really limited for men. A formal suit is the only option available most of the times. But, today, through this article, we will introduce you to different styling of blazers that are perfect for no so formal to a proper formal occasion.

Blazers for men are great option for occasions when you want to look formal and don’t want to wear a suit either. Blazers are wardrobe essential for every man.

Buying a perfect blazer for you can go wrong if you are isn’t sure what you are looking for. There are a lot of things to be considered while buying a blazer for any specific occasion. What style, what fabric, how to pair it perfectly are few things to be kept in mind while choosing a blazer can help in making the right purchase.

If this sounds interesting to you, just scroll down and learn everything that you need to know about blazer’s fashion.

What are Blazers?

Blazers for men are jackets but are not worn with a suit. These give a look of formal coat and are perfect to be worn on formal events and gatherings.

It is believed that blazers were first designed in 1837, when HMS Blazer, a royal Navy ship was to be visited by Queen Victoria and captain had requested for a new uniform for his crew. At that time, a double breasted blazer was designed for them and that’s how they came into existence. The outfit got so popular that even the men outside navy also started wearing them and they have now become an immortal part of men’s fashion. You can now see men wearing them on weddings, formal events, and casual gatherings.

A lot of times, men get confused as in what is the difference between a formal suit and a blazer. Typically, blazers are worn alone without a formal trouser or a shirt where as suits are always complete set of jacket and trouser. Blazers are completely different from suits in terms of styling and patterns.

Blazer Styles & Patterns

So far we have two main types of blazer styles. Single and double breasted.

Single Breasted blazers are suit jackets which has one, two or three buttons in the single column placed from top to bottom. These style of blazers look really stylish and totally enhances one’s personality if matched nicely with bottoms and shoes. At Tripr India, you will find a wide variety of single breasted blazers for men in many bright and bold solid colours. There are few available in digital prints which makes them super stylish to wear on date nights, formal events, office gatherings and more. You must visit our collection and grab few soon.

Double breasted blazers are slightly different in style. These are made with larger amount of fabric those folds over the front and come with double columns of buttons. These blazers give more formal look than single breasted blazers and can be worn with formal trousers just to complete a proper suit look.

Double breasted blazers are not very popular now days and men in old age find them more comfortable to wear.

How to Style Blazers

Before understanding how to pair blazers to get that perfect look, one must know that they are made in different fabrics options which certainly decide its styling and pattern. There are wool blazers for men which are fantastic for winters keeping you both warm and stylish, and makes your fashion game strong.

Then there are linen blazers which are so comfortable and stylish for summers and spring. Linen blazers are mostly made in nude shades which make them look even classier. You can pair them nicely with dark shades cotton trousers or straight fit jeans depending on your comfort requirement. If wearing on a summer day, prefer cotton trousers.

Velvet blazer will grab you all the eye balls at the event. The velvet fabric in itself is very luxurious and thus adds a lot of charm to the personality of the wearer. These jackets are definitely a perfect outfit for a friend’s wedding. Pair them with slim fit trousers or jeans in dark shades. Loafers or formal shoes will complete the whole look.

Now you have a fair idea how to pair your blazers perfectly for different occasions, grab yourself few and update your fashion game. Visit Tripr, one of the best online clothing stores in India and choose from our wide range of blazers.

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