The essential thing, An Army man need

The time change, tactics change and equipment also change, but the military man does not change. An Indian Army Forces are the largest land based component. The primary mission of the Indian Army is to defend the nation from the internal and external threat aggression and the national unity and national security. They are the only reason for maintain the peace and security for the people within the border. Here in this hub we will provide some essential items that an army man should have. Apart from the outfit pants and shirts, there are a few more essential things available that should own by an army man. Because they have done a job which meets at risks at the country border to save the people so that they should have some basic necessities.

  • Water filter
  • Rugs
  • Tons of cleaning wipes and air fresheners
  • Good boot socks
  • Headlamp
  • A passport
  • Military combat vest

Water filter

The human body can able to survive for several days without the food. If you don’t take a food the body will switch to using stored proteins and fat. But if you don’t take a water within a day you'll dead. The army man needs to drink enough water in the field. Because the human body normally contains 75% of water. The water purifier is normally used to remove the harmful impurities


The rugs are just like the carpets that is used to hide our essential stuffs from the enemies. Now there are more numbers of companies provide military rugs. We recommend to use that kind of rugs in the army man field work. Because it is easily washable than we compare any other rugs in the market.

Tons of cleaning wipes and air fresheners

Tons of cleaning wipes and air fresheners are the most common thing to live peacefully and these two things are normally used to make our surroundings as a diplomatic one. The deployed military personnel in the field need to maintain daily. Tons of cleaning wipes and air fresheners helps to do this work properly.

Good boot socks

The army man should have at least five pairs of good boot socks to reuse. There are more numbers of companies out there to make a good quality of branded military boot socks. When you run up the boot socks need to provide additional comfort for the army man. The boot socks are normally used to provide the warmth condition in the colder weather. Don't be afraid of its expensive cost price it will provide life long durability for you.


The headlamps are used to light the way and provide clear vision to find out the obstacles on our way. The army man can able to see what’s front of you even though the night time and it is also used to pick out our essential equipment clearly.

A passport

We firmly believe that the army man need to travel more and they should work depending on their Chain of Command so that they don't know when they are leaving the country. So they should always aware and get ready to face all the situations. That’s why they should keep their passport in their camp.

Military combat vest

The compatible vest gives more comfort to the army man. There are different kind of vests are used by the army men, bulletproof, stab, cooling all of these serve various purposes for an army man. Through internet,  you can easily buy Joggers Pants Online India, Mens Vest Online and Buy Mens Shorts Online to get all essential things at an affordable price rate.

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