Styling Guide for Men’s Cargo Pants

Subtitle: Cargo Pants are very stylish and comfortable and thus liked so much by kids, teenagers and young adults. These pants have specific style that features multiple pockets on both sides of the leg, back and front and comes in solid colours and forest prints. 

Cargo Pants are a thing for young generation. Kids, teenagers and young adults have absolute love for Cargo Pants. For them, these pants are stylish, cool, trendy, comfortable and it represents their attitude. Today, clothes represent attitude and ideology of the wearer. In early 1900’s cargo poants were worn by British Army as their uniform. It was also known as Battle Dress Uniform. These pants were designed in colours like dark green or brown or black as it has a purpose. The colour could give soldiers an edge to hide in natural environment as the colour merged easily with the background. These pants were also known as Combat Pants. Initially the pants were designed with only one pocket on the side thigh and front hip. But now, the fashion of cargo pants have evolved and these are designed in multiple designs, prints, styles, sizes and patterns. Its only in last four decades that cargo pants have gained popularity and became part of the fashion industry. Today, most of the cargo pants come with multiple pockets and in variety of designs.

Scroll down to see types of Cargo Pants for Men:

Jogger Cargo Pants: Cargo Joggers are a mix of two styles. As you can understand jogger is an athleisure and is loose and comfortable fit where as cargo has multiple pockets and is more casual wear. These pants are extremely comfortable and you can wear them in your practice or training session as well. Pair these pants with t-shirts and sports shoes to get a stylish look.

Original Cargo Pants: Originally, cargo pants were made in solid dark colours like brown, shades of green, black and grey. If you are someone who likes solid colours, then these ones are for you. These comes with multiple folds and narrow fit at the bottom. Pair these pants with t-shirts and bomber jackets. Or you can wear solid t-shirts to complete the look. Do not go for loafers or formal shoes with cargo pants. Only sneakers or sports shoes will go good with them.

Printed Cargo Pants: If you do not like the solids, then you can try printed Cargo Pants. These pants are designed in ample of designs like forest prints, checkered prints, graphic prints and many more. Designers are now experimenting with unique designs and colour to make these pants. You can also find animal prints in cargo pants. These are perfect for casual outings and to have cool looks. If wearing printed cargo pants, then try minimal t-shirt like solids to pair. It will make a good combination of prints and solids.

Cargo Jeans: Clothing brands are designing cargo jeans where they use denim fabric and it has the style of multiple pockets to depict cargo pant style. Cargo jeans look super stylish and you can wear them not only for casual outing, you can try them in office or other events also. You can pair these jeans very well with waist length shirts or t-shirts with sneakers or sports shoes.  

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